The Applied Award in Responsible Citizens and Leadership (DQSE) is an MQF 3, holding 10 credits and aims at enhancing 'My Journey'. It targets students who wish to enlist in the Police Force, Armed Forces of Malta and the Civil Protection or possible deployments abroad. 

This award is formed up of five units:

Life Saving Skills 
is built on the core subjects of Water Rescue, Emergency Aid and Fire Fighting. It teaches the students all the foundations on how to understand that there is an emergency situation, stay safe, care for the safety of others who might be in danger and try to do something to save the other person's life. 

Challenge Course
 aims at the student's competitive instinct since it offers a natural field in which they try to better their skills and timings. The Command Tasks and Team Building part of this unit also helps the students to reflect on a given scenario, discuss the possible outcomes and act to achieve success as a team. Interlaced together, these activity help the students to be prepared for life, and empower them to turn challenges into opportunities.

Ceremonial Drill
 targets the students' pride, respect and patriotism. It teaches the basics of working together as a team and act upon commands from their superiors. It also helps the students to take care of their appearances and turn out.

The Outdoor Adventure Education
 enhances the students’ skills in personal hygiene, sheltering, knots, map reading, compass work, abseiling, outdoor cooking and team working. It also exposes volunteering and caring for the environment, community and their place of living.
focuses on the accomplishment of the students' character. It teaches them the importance of taking initiatives and how to be responsible for another group of students. It also encourages the students to participate in the running of social events, engage in a team initiative to research the 'Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur' scheme and understand their individualistic, future way in employment.
This award is worked on a 4 lesson/week basis, selected as an optional study at Year 9 and spans through to Year 11. Further studies and a natural selection should be the MCAST Diploma in Foundation Studies for Security, Enforcement and Protection which leads to a prestigious employment in a Uniformed Disciplined Entity. Other employment niches which will benefit from this award are related to adventure and leisure time which is still at its inception.


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