The Applied Award in Adventure, Security and Protection is an MQF 3, 9  ECTS's, (DQSE) programme spanning over a period of 5 weeks.
It targets students just out of compulsory education who intend to enlist in one of Malta's Uniformed Disciplined Entities and endorsed by the Police Force, Armed Forces of Malta and the Civil Protection Department
The award is built around the 'Comfort Zone Paradigm' and holds five units linking back and progressing onto each other. However, Unit One offers an exit point should the learners understand that a disciplined entity is not their way of employment. 
The units are titled:
Unit 1. Uncovering the future through Adventure
Unit 2. Recruitment, Physical Prowess and Drill
Unit 3. Rescue in the Aquatic Environment
Unit 4. Employment Observation and Hands-on
Unit 5. Field Crafting


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