Adventure Summer 2023 - Provisional Information
Adventure Summer 2023 (AS23) shall start on Mon 10th July and spans until Friday 15th Sept. The modus operandi will follow the procedures of the previous years.
Parents sending their children for the first time: Respectfully, you are invited to read, and understand, the guidelines carefully before provisionally booking your child/ren. It is intended to clear any doubts related to the safety of each child and the safe running of such prolonged programmes.
AS23 is open for children born between 2011 and 2018 (Children born in 2019 may be considered if attending with older siblings). The Youths on Saturday invites students in secondary schools (11 – 16 years old). It teaches life skills through Adventure Education and built on youth work rather than the student-teacher approach. Another important topic that we are presenting in this programme is the Open Waters Swimming and Lifesaving Rescue Skills
Kindly email to for the various programmes offered which also include early drop-offs, late pick-ups and transport

Normal hours: Weekdays and the Youths Programme
Drop off:
Gate opens at 08.30am and drop off is till 09.15am
Pick up:
Gate opens at 12.30pm until 12.45pm latest
Each programme is offered as a complete package and teachers are assigned with each group. Any missed days are non-refundable and non-transferable.
The main venue is situated at Alamein Rd, Kamaja Outdoors Pembroke on Google Maps. The woodland, complimented with bathroom facilities, is situated 5mins away. For the youths programme on Saturdays ONLY, the Open Waters Swimming and Lifesaving Rescue Skills will be held at Pembroke beach adjacent to the shooting ranges.
Transport is separate from Adventure Summer '23 or Kamaja Outdoors - Institute for Adventure Education. Our task is to get you in touch.

We managed a coordinator for transport services. Should you wish to avail from transport services kindly inform us through the email comms and we will get you in touch for your personal arrangements. Kindly note that transport may not be available if the minimum demand per route is not reached.

Adventure Education offers thrilling activities, tag games and fun water games. All of these adapted to suit the children’s ages. By sending your child/ren to AS23, you are giving them your consent to engage in activities such as climbing, abseiling, zip lining, outdoor cooking, obstacle course and much more. Other activities such as tag games have an element of competitiveness. 
Of course, the children are allowed to take their time to participate through a process known as Challenge by Choice. If they feel that they are not ready, they will not be forced to do anything. Our goal is that the children feel that they were successful at their own pace and that they have grown by the end of the summer experience.
Play Areas
The indoor rooms are used to store and protect the children’s bags. The programme is run entirely outside; in either natural shaded areas in the woodland or areas covered with UV protective nets. The children will not be allowed to stay in the sun.
AS23 supports, in all ways possible, children who require an LSE. For your child’s safety, children who share or have a one-to-one LSE during their school time are required to have an individual (not shared) LSE with them all the time. Please note: LSEs employed during the summer time do not fall under our administrative duty.
Parents, even fully qualified, cannot perform LSE duties with their child.  LSEs designated by the parents and assigned with their child are to produce a certificate stating that they are qualified in their specific field. For the children’s protection, they are allowed to enter the venue accompanied by their LSEs
Contact Sports
Children participating in contact sports are to be warned that they are not allowed to use punches, kicks, blocks etc on other children during AS23. Such behaviour constitutes immediate exclusion.
Behaviour Issues
Supervision will be provided at all times as per requirements for Summer School. However, adventure is inherently dangerous and we confirm that the children are active almost all the time. Children who have behaviour problems, such as bullying, disobeying, have their individual agenda and wonder off, argue and fight, touch someone else’s belongings etc. are also required to have their individual attention. All the staff taking part in AS23 cannot be held responsible for any personal injuries due to the child’s behaviour that may occur during the summer programme.
If the teachers/supervisors and assistant supervisors are unsuccessful to guide your child/ren into the proper behaviour, you will be called on the number stated on the application form and asked to talk to your child. If the child continues to disobey, s/he will be pulled out of the group and you will be called for pick-up arrangements. Children who continuously exhibit behaviour issues will be excluded from AS23 without refund.
Food and Drinks
Please inform your child/ren that they are not allowed to share food. They are to bring along enough water (1.5 Ltr minimum) for the day. Please refrain from sending any sweets and chocolate containing, nuts, peanuts etc. which may lead to allergic reactions or an anaphylactic shock, should they be accidentally distributed.
Since there are children who may suffer from any type of allergies, sharing of food is strictly prohibited. Kindly make sure that your children are aware of this.  Please also make sure that siblings carrying one bag have two separate lunch boxes. AS23 cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment.
Due to the limitation of parking inside the complex, kindly find alternative parking outside. Also make sure that you inform whoever will drop or pick your child/ren that the parking is reserved to the teachers and workers therein the complex.
Concession to Parking
Parents with toddler and/or babies strapped in the car seat are allowed to enter and park inside. We understand the incumbent sequence. Important Notice: The security at the gate has the right to stop you and check for toddlers and babies.
Random photos and short clips are taken of the children enjoying the activities. Such memories are uploaded on our social media pages (Kamaja Outdoors on Facebook and Instagram). These photos are occasionally used as promotional material for adventure education programmes.
Siblings refer to the second, third etc. brothers/sisters.  Hence, first child with payment as indicated and any others brothers and/or sisters fall under the siblings’ payment category.
Unnecessary Items
It is recommended that unnecessary items such as soft toys, cars, dolls are not brought to the camp. Please Note: Pokemon Cards are strictly prohibited.

For more information and a quick guidance kindly email at:

or call

Kayleigh on   99284266
Martin on      99472112
Without Prejudice


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