Scholastic Holidays

Boot Camp Sleep Overs

It is not always easy to find where to leave your children during their scholastic year holidays. Kamaja Outdoors are committed to give their assistance in this area. Make no mistake, we believe that there is nothing to replace quality time between the children and their parents, but on occasions this is not possible. The following dates are provisional for our calendar bookings.

​Bonding Day - 13 December 2018
Christmas Boot Camp - 27th - 28th December 2018
Teen Christmas Boot Camp - 28th - 29th December 2018

Adventure Carnival - 4th - 5th March 2019 
Adventure Easter - 22nd - 23rd April 2019
Teen Adventure Easter - 23rd - 24th April 2019
End of School Boot Camp - 4th - 5th July 2019
End of Summer Boot Camp - 16th - 17th September 2019
Teen End of Summer Boot Camp - 17th - 18th September 2019
Adventure Halloween - to be announced

We provide Boot Camps which span over two days. These Boot Camps offer a safe and secured place where students can vent off their energies whilst on holidays. Parents may opt for a variety of schemes.

Options to bookings:
Sent for the full Boot Camp 
starts on day 1 at 9am and finishes the following day at 5pm.
Sent for one day or both days only
starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm
Sent for the Boot Camp but does not sleep 
picked up at 9:30pm and brought back early the following day

The students are divided into groups according to their ages and participate in four adventure activities along the day. Kamaja offers lunch to those sleeping over and a hot dog to those attending for the day. Fruit breaks are also offered periodically.

Individual Attention:
Although adequate supervision will be provided at all times, adventure is inherently dangerous and we confirm that the children are active almost all the time. For your child’s safety, children who have either a shared or one-to-one LSA during their school time are required to have an individual (not shared) LSA with them all the time. Furthermore, children whose parents know that they do not obey straight away are also recommended to have their individual attention as well. We do not provide LSA.

Children attending the boot camp will receive a kit-list.
Children attending for the day are requested to bring along enough drinking water for the day (normally 2 ltrs), snacks or packed lunch and a torch. 

For bookings kindly send an email to


call Kayleigh on
2713 2189 or 9928 4266


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