School Holidays
Adventure Camps

It is never easy to find where to trust your children during their school holidays. Kamaja Outdoors are committed to give their assistance in this area with adventure activities between 0900hrs and noon.

The following dates are provisional for your 2022-23 calendar marking.

Adventure Halloween – 4th Nov 2022
Christmas Camp – 30th Dec 2022
New Year Adventure Bash - 3rd Jan 2023
Adventure Carnival - 21st February 2023
Adventure Easter - 11th April 2023
End of School Adventure Bash - 5th July 2023

The students are divided into groups according to their ages and separated as follows:                     4 - 5, 6 - 7, 8 - 9, and 10 years and over.  

In the case where parents request their siblings to stay together and there is an age gaps of                            over 3 years; the eldest will move in the group of the youngest.                                                   E.g. We cannot have a 4 year old running with a group of 7/8’s.

All the groups participate in three adventure activities along the day.

A break is taken around 1045am

Behavioural Issues
Please refer to the behavioural issue web-page

For information and bookings kindly send an email to


in case of a quick clarification kindly call

2713 2189 or 9928 4266 or 99472112


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