“It will never happen to me” is the perception of most people when it comes to First Aid, but all of a sudden a student is badly injured, someone collapses from a heart attack, two vehicles collide; seriously injuring the occupants.... How can you help?

Accidents continue to happen; some people may need simple assistance while others may require further treatment. By acquiring the basic skills of First Aid one can render emergency care to those in need. Topics covered include:

Ø      Casualty evaluation,

Ø      Airway, breathing and circulation,

Ø      Bleeding management,

Ø      Fractures and burns,

Ø      Spinal injury management and

Ø      Shock.

Educating students on how to deal with such life threatening emergencies, through work shops and emergency scenarios, may easily save someone’s life.

Requirement:   Comfortable clothing.

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