Is there anything more important than giving back the life to someone who was about to lose it? If someone can ever be so lucky and experience this achievement s/he will be considered as one of the few that attained such an accomplishment.

That someone will be gifted! 

This activity teaches the participants how to identify an emergency situation, react to the scenario and try to rescue the person in difficulty. Held in open sea-water in summer and in a heated, open-air pool in winter this activity offers essential information on how to accomplish such an ordeal.




Usually, water emergencies follow a common pattern better referred to as the drowning chain. These are:

  • Lack of information,
  • Lack of instructions,
  • Lack of safety advice,
  • Lack of professionalism and
  • Inability to cope with the arising emergency. 

Each link of this chain may lead to another and eventually progress to a serious incident or even death. Important information related to The Emergency Action Plan flow chart and local emergency services will be taught to the students in between one topic and another.


The main topics are;

  • Reaching and throwing rescues,
  • Accompanied, non-contact and contact rescues,
  • Release from grabs in the water,
  • Use of willing bystanders and
  • Proper aftercare applied related to water incidents.

Requirements: Swim-wear, Towel, Food and Water. 

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