In an ever changing society, with influences from other cultures, especially through the quick diffusion of social media, it seems that it is becoming harder to have fun and to laugh. Kamaja Outdoors' team building session is built on activities which help the participants to enjoy the time spent together and have a good laugh. After all, what's wrong about laughter?

Normally spanning for 2.5 hours, a set of stations are prepared to encourage the participant to talk together, discuss the problem offered through the activity, evaluate the outcome and work as a team to be successful. 

For an optimum time on task management, Kamaja's team produces several Team Building stations so that all participants are actively involved whilst each activity will not take more than 15 minutes. 

This activity can take up to 130 participants, divided into 10 teams and rotate from one station to another. After a short break, the teams get the opportunity to participate with another team on stations that require two teams to play in a rather competitive, fun way of overcoming the obstacle. The final activity involves all the participants to take part together.

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