Without Prejudice
Adventure, in itself, is inherently dangerous, hence behavioural issues are taken very seriously.
Kamaja Outdoors supports, in all ways possible, children who require an LSE. However, LSEs employed during any of our programmes do not fall under our administrative duty. Parents, even fully qualified, cannot perform LSE duties with their own child.  LSEs designated by the parents and assigned with their child are to produce a certificate stating that they are qualified in their specific field.
Supervision and LSEs:
For your child’s safety, children who have either a shared or one-to-one LSE during their school time are required to have an individual (not shared) LSE with them all the time.
Contact Sports
Children participating in contact sports are to be warned that they are not allowed to use punches, kicks, blocks etc on other children. Such behaviour constitutes immediate exclusion.
Behaviour Issues
Supervision will be provided at all times as per requirements of any specific programme. Children who have behaviour problems, such as bullying, not obeying straight away, have their individual agenda and wonder off, argue and fight, touch someone else’s belongings etc. are also required to have their individual attention. Kamaja Outdoors or any of the staff cannot be held responsible for any personal injuries due to the child’s behaviour that may occur during the any of the programmes.
If the teachers/supervisors and assistant supervisors are unsuccessful to guide your child/ren into the proper behaviour, Ms Kayleigh will call you on the number provided on the application form and asks you to talk to your child. If the child continues to disobey, s/he will be pulled out of the group and you will be called for immediate pick-up. Children who continuously exhibit behaviour issues will be excluded without refund.

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